Coworking space – office hotel in Brøstadbotn, Northern Norway

The “Kontorhotell” (coworking space) in Brøstadbotn opened its doors in February 2012, and offers facilities for workers, students and start-up’s at very flexible terms. The space is run by the project «Place Independent Work«, as a model for testing flexible office solutions and coworking in rural areas. Experiences after a few years operation should provide valuable information for both employees and employers, but also for local authorities who want to facilitate and use location-independent work as a strategy for development in rural areas.


The coworking space in Brøstadbotn, Dyrøy offers flexible desks. Photo: H.E. Børve.

The coworking space in Brøstadbotn, Dyrøy offers flexible desks. Photo: H.E. Børve.

The “Kontorhotell” has a surface of approx. 200 m2, with two permanent offices (leased as of today), three individual offices and 12 work stations. All offices and stations have access to fiber broadband and printer, and our customers can take advantage of our kitchen and lunch corner. Lunch time and short breaks together gives our customers the possibility for networking and coworking.

The space includes a digital studio that can be rented for individual meetings and video conferences. The studio is also in use for digital education at the secondary level (these transmissions have precedence in the event of collisions). Other digital studio and meeting rooms are however a short distance and our staff will always help to find solutions!

Curios? Check out what it looks like on our Flickr account!


The “Kontorhotell” is open 24/7, year round, while our staff is working during normal business hours . You are responsible for your booking on our homepage for electronic booking  (in Norwegian) or book by contact us at postmottak (at) or ulrike.naumann (at)

Your first booking should be made a few days in advance. If you prefer a longer rental agreement, our staff will fix that for you. You’ll still need to book the meeting room every time you need it. Go directly to booking here (Norwegian). Students from the region may use the coworking space for free.

Storage and Order

Each office has lockers which can be used during the rental period. Those who have office space in the landscape can make use of the lockers at the entrance. The tenants share the responsibility to keep it neat and pleasant at our coworking space. The kitchen cleaned after use. Coffee and tea paid cash on the spot.


We regularly offer lunch & lesson to our students. There will also be other arrangements. These are announced on our electronic bulletin board and our facebook page

Dyrøyseminarsenteret KF, Tverrveien 1, 9311 Brøstadbotn Innlogging